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Posted by Jonathan Garcia on May 29, 2015
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Named after Italy’s catch-all culinary stores beyond dairy delicacies, Latteria arrives just in time for summer’s gelato cravings. One can also find breakfast pastries, salads, piadinas and imported cheeses, but let’s address that gelato first and foremost considering it’s by far the best in town thanks to natural, gluten-free ingredients. Diehards have already discovered that flavors change on Fridays, aside from a few staples like hazelnut and stracciatella. This weekend dishes up pear and red wine, and cantaloupe and Moscato wine. Within weeks of opening, a strawberry and lime blend topped Miamians’s palates. Go big and order a cone with three flavors to try a variety of fruit, chocolate and offbeat custom combinations; or take them home in 32-oz. containers.

3301 NE First Avenue; 786.577.4362;

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