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Bay Point

Bay Point is a sub-neighborhood within the Upper East Side neighborhood, in Miami. It is a gated community stretching from NE 41st Street to NE 50th Street alongside Biscayne Boulevard. The neighborhood streets are privately owned by the households and access to the roads and waterways are restricted to the residents (and their guests), of which there are approximately 250.

One reason for the neighborhood’s desirability is its location and high security. It is essentially a suburban contiguity located in the heart of the Miami area’s urban core. Much of the neighborhood’s high real estate values are thanks not to the homes, but the property the house sits on. It is adjacent to Morningside, another affluent, historic residential neighborhood in Miami’s urban core.

The resident’s homes are lined along Sabal Palm Road, one of the most expensive streets to live on in the United States. The style of the homes varies. Most of the homes were built between 1940 and 1960 and many homes are currently undergoing major renovations as, and exhibit architectural styles ranging from contemporary Floridian to ranch. Many of the neighborhood’s wealthy residents are among the most prominent lawyers, doctors, and businessmen in Miami. Its most famous current and former residents include Enrique Iglesias, Dwyane Wade, Stephen Zack, Liván Hernández, Willy Chirino, and DMX.